BotUpdate Symphony

BotUpdate Deserves a Sound Track

BlastoLabs has volunteered to create one.

Improv 0.01

Our inspiration came mostly from the following Text written by BotUpdate’s creator in his own words:

  • “I only ask that they be clearly marked as “derivative and creative works” and contain a link to the original, unedited material.”

  • “Although I do not have a problem with lampooning in principle, in practice I was led to believe that the persons responsible for this intended to present this footage so as to discredit and marginalize my reputation, steal intellectual property and profit from it or present it as their own. By insisting that it be entered into the public domain, sacrificing my own reputation, I feel I can turn my liability into an asset for all. “

  • “I think it is more than fair that I be compensated for this if a government agency or an agency with resources to do so. This has been discussed and negotiated at great length and I do not expect to ever be compensated since this is just a tactic of the program creating hope as value to remove; and, the number we had agreed upon in 2018 far exceeds the GDP of the United States which was almost twenty trillion US dollars 00,000,000,000,000.00 that year. “

  • “In the case of this program; giving up hope is a successful tactic for success if you are a victim. Well, don’t ever let yourself believe that there will be a payoff. They love to use that tactic whether it’s sex, money, fame or redemption; don’t let them build an imaginary thing of value that they can rip away simply by going dark.”

  • “In this way you allow them to have an impact long after they have gone. You are not alone; you can always read this file and connect with other TIs. ” *”We will discuss this in tactics for self-defense against cognitive weapons.”