Best Brushless Micro Quads in 2019

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Best Brushless Micro Quads in 2019

Whether you are a new piloting looking to buy their first Quadcopter, or an experienced 5 inch mini quad builder with years of experience, the fact is that brushless micro quadcopters are tons of fun. 

Often called brushless whoops, have only been around for a few years and are loosely categorized by having less than 2.5 inch props.  Be careful though some Tiny Whoop purist will often gripe, "If it is not 31mm or less its not a Whoop!"

Here are three of my favorites below each has its own unique pros and cons and excel in very different scenarios. 




TinyHawk 2s  vs HX100  vs Beta75  Pro 2



The HX100 from BetaFPV gives is larger, faster, and more agile than almost any quadcopter of its size. The carbon fiber frame does amazing things for the stabilty and strength of Quads this size. The lack of ducts protecting the motors (and you!) from damage saves some weight but also means that it is MUCH MUCH easier to break than say the TinyHawk which is nearly indestructable. If you have not been flying a long time, YOU WILL BREAK IT.

Weight: 41.8g 
FC&ESC:F4 2-4S AIO 12A 
Motors: 1103 8000KV with connector 
Props: 65mm 2-blade or 48mm 4-blade props 
Camera: Runcam Nano 
VTX: A01 25-200mW 5.8G VTX 
Frame: Carbon fiber frame that really sets it apart from the whoop class. 
Receiver: Frsky, Flysky, DSMX

TinyHawk 2s  

The Tinyhawk 2  is the micro indoor racing drone. Safe for indoors, and built to last. Not as powerful as the others but easier to fly for beginners for sure.

55+MPH top speed

Beta75  Pro 2

The Beta75 Pro2 from BetaFPV is my personal favorite of the 3.  It is extremely light and uses its seemly over flexible frame to its advantage in that it is very very hard to break.  Check out some footage I got using one in a park:

Weight: 28g
Motors: 08028 12000KV Brushless Motor
Props: 40mm 4-blades props, 1.0mm shaft hole
Camera: AIO Z02 Camera 35 degree(by default)
:Receiver Option: SPI Frsky
Battery: 1S 300mAh HV Batteries