0:00 Trying to find herself Samantha wanders angrily around the dark grasslands.

Upon eating from a small satchel a strange woman had given her years before she discovers that she is a man and becomes Nilbert.

0:20 Nilbert learns she has a penis

0:40 Learning to play her new found abilities

1:48 Fear and doubt creep back into Nilbert’s life

Am I Samantha?

2:20 Discovery and learning enrich Nilbert’s universe

2:45 Nilbert Understands Who She Has Always been

4:20 Trans-Dimensional Celebrations begin throughout the Multiverse and effect everyone in all space and time

5:20 The party is over but much has been learned

6:10 Or has it? Self Doubt and anxiety creep back into Nilbert’s mind and reality smothering her in a mess of fear

7:00 Fear

8:00 Doubt…

11:00 boring fear and doubt

12:00 Nilbert Eats once again from the bag of knowledge from Satan

13:35 Upon Awakening Nilbert KNOWS he is a man and has a penis.

14:00 A huge penis in fact

16:00 Nilbert lets his big dick get to his head and gets lost in world of drugs, wholesome glory holes, and emptiness

18:00 Nilbert Gets Sober and Has Sex With Satan and Ghandi at Sunrise

19:00 Intergalactic sex fiends join the orgy
19:30 FUCKING REJOICE we survied that MESS OF SHIT!!

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