Betaflight 3.4 Official Released

If you are looking to keep your quad running the latest and greatest software head over to to get the newest firmware for your flight controller. Make sure you also download and install the updated Betaflight configurator as it is necessary for many new features.

My pick of the best new features...

-GPS Rescue Mode: a new failsafe along the lines of what you can do via iNav or many expensive commercial drones, basically if you have a GPS onboard you can now have the copter fly to where ever you tell it. Lots of options are available to choose exactly how the quad behaves during.

F4 Boards have the option of converting thier standard Transmitter into a USB joystick for use with simulators.

Acro trainer mode is now included which allows your quad to behave as if it is flying in acro mode, but also keeps the quad from tilting too far and stalling.
Throttle boost mode gives a more exponential throttle curve the faster you move the stick.

Betaflight 3.4 Official Released
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