New Quadcopter Builds

Here are some pics of two new Quads I have up for sale.  Both are 210mm with 5 inch props.  If you've never flown a proper racing quad these things will feel like flying a race car.  


2205 2300kv motors

30 amp escs.

Currently running the latest Cleanflight Firmware.

Include a seperate and isolated barometer to allow for a useful and functional altitude hold.

As a comparison the DJI Mavic "drone" that every body seems to talk about has a 2:1 thrust to weight ratio.  These guys have a 10:1 thrust to weight ratio.  So if you've only flown commercial drones you're missing out on a lot of power.  

This extra power makes them capable of easily carry a gopro or other camera, and they can also be equipped with GPS, in order to fly waypoint missions via a cell phone app.  At this size though they are built to have fun and experience the magic of flying in first person view via VR goggles.  You can also pick these up in the store.

New Quadcopter Builds
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