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F36 = Best Cheap Drone Worth Buying

If you're reading this article at the very least I assume you have flown one or two cheap drones (or quadcopters is the term I prefer).  Most likely you enjoyed the 30 minutes of fun before you inevitably lost the drone in the wind or lost intrest with flying.  Well, remember that the future was yesterday and quadcopter technology moves faster than light.  Right now for $6.99 you can get a FuriBee F36, which I can promise flys better than any "cheap" drone out there.  (I've flown lots).  Despite its tiny 65mm frame, it has so much power you'll have difficulty keeping it from hitting the cealing (yes you should fly this thing indoors, and do not worry about breaking things, just like the fact that a fly doesn't damage things in your house, at 22 grams neither will this thing.

Don't get confused by all the different brands, the main point is that if it is tiny, has the duct proppellar guards, is under $20, you can be pretty sure it'll have similar performance.

F36 = Best Cheap Drone Worth Buying
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